Five Important Aspects To Consider When Planning A Product Launch Corporate Event

If your company is planning to introduce a new product or product line, a corporate event known as product launch is something to consider. Basically, the premise behind a product launch event is to showcase your new product, often before it becomes available to the public. This promotes the product on a wide scale and makes potential consumers aware of its features. To make your product launch event successful, you will want to consider a few crucial aspects. Knowing what to do and what not to do can make all the difference. Here's how to shine at your product launch event:

1. Select a Venue That Is Accessible

You'll want the venue to be easily accessible for your guests. Commuting to the event should not be a hassle. If you want to make it very convenient, you might want to consider an on-site venue connected to your business.

2. Use Social Media To the Fullest

Social media is a great way to advertise and get the word out. Get online and post dates, times, venues, and what to anticipate relating to your product launch. If you plan on having entertainment there, hype that up as well. Ask friends and associates to post the date and time on their social media pages. While you are advertising, consider posting about raffles and prize giveaways. These are incentives that may draw people to your event.

3. Plan Your Guest List Carefully

Who will you invite to your product launching? Inviting journalists and media, as well as analysts and industry experts, will help in your marketing strategy. Equally important, consider inviting potential and established clients. Perhaps you can allow them to bring one guest along. Be persuasive in your invitation. Make them believe your new product is something they need to discover.

4. Include Full-Service Catering and Entertainment

Offer specialty beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as well as a diverse menu. You should also consider entertainment for your product launch event. How about circus or street performers? Balloon artists will add some color and enliven the event. A live band is sure to be a hit. Comedy is fine also.

5. Don't Forget a Post-Event Follow Up

Following your product launch event, you do not want to lose momentum. It is crucial to follow up with contact. Hopefully, you obtained the names and contact numbers of those who had expressed an interest in your product. Give them a call and let them know the specifics. A press release is another good way to follow up after the event. Also, consider launching a follow up webinar with demonstrations.  

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If your company is planning to introduce a new product or product line, a corporate event known as product launch is something to consider. Basically,

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