5 Reasons You Should Hire a Lighting Specialist for Your Wedding

Many people who have not put together large events begin their wedding budget with a single line for entertainment and think that hiring a wedding DJ will cover all of their entertainment needs. While a wedding DJ is an important part of your reception entertainment, you should also budget for other aspects of entertainment. For some people, this includes a live musician or band. For others, it includes a lighting artist. While many wedding DJs may offer lighting packages, or your event venue may have a basic wedding lighting setup in your reception hall, there are several reasons why you stand to benefit from hiring a lighting specialist. 

Lighting Specialists Will Likely Have Better Lighting Equipment 

As the name implies, lighting specialists specialize in one thing: great lighting. This means that they invest in high-quality lighting equipment when they purchase equipment. Good lighting is the focus for their business. Alternatively, DJs that also provide lighting services have to split their costs between their DJ equipment and their lighting equipment, meaning they may have slightly lower-quality lighting equipment. 

Lighting Specialists Can Create Truly Unique Effects Within Your Budget 

Because lighting specialists tend to have experience creating many different atmospheres through a variety of lighting techniques, they are more likely to be able to come up with unique, low-cost solutions that will create the effect you desire. For example, they may work with a greater variety of lights and props than a general event organizer, which will allow them to create a lighting scheme that flows with your event space, guiding your guests into specific areas such as the dance floor, a photo booth, or the buffet area without any harsh lighting changes. 

Hiring a Lighting Specialist Will Allow Your DJ and Event Coordinator to Concentrate on Their Specialties 

If you hire a single individual to be both your lighting specialist and your DJ, they will have to divide their attention between the two roles. However, if you hire a specialist for each task, then each individual will be free to concentrate on their main job. Your DJ will be able to concentrate on playing the perfect song, and your lighting coordinator can concentrate on lighting effects and spotlights when necessary. Additionally, your event coordinator will be free to manage all of your entertainment instead of concentrating on setting up and managing your lighting. 

Lighting Specialists Know What Kinds of Questions to Ask You 

If you don't know anything about lighting, then you may not know what type of lighting to ask for in order to make your venue your own special place. However, a trained specialist will know what types of questions to ask you without using confusing industry jargon. For example, they may ask about what kind of energy level you want the room to have and what kind of intimacy your guests will expect. They will then be able to interpret your desires and translate them into appropriate lighting decisions. 

Your Lighting Specialist Can Help You Save Money 

At first, it may seem like a lighting specialist is an extra and unnecessary expense. However, a lighting specialist can actually help you save money. If you purchase your lighting through your event venue, you may end up receiving higher prices for more basic packages. Some venues mark up the costs of a lighting package by as much as 40%. Finding your own event-lighting company to work with not only allows you to choose someone who you feel comfortable working with and who shares your visual taste but also allows you to shop around for the best price in your town.     

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Many people who have not put together large events begin their wedding budget with a single line for entertainment and think that hiring a wedding DJ